SunPower® Helix™

SunPower® Helix™ is the world’s only integrated commercial solar solution designed and engineered by one company.

Better performance and reliability

From solar cells to software, each Helix™ commercial solar system is designed to interact perfectly, delivering powerful results and exceptional value.

  • Solar cells are built on a solid copper foundation that is resistant to corrosion and cell breakage caused by damp heat and temperature swings.
  • Cable clips, cones, and trays help protect cables from harsh and abrasive roof surfaces.
SunPower Helix
SunPower Helix Wiring

Faster installation

Built in a quality-controlled factory environment, the electrical connections of the Helix power station are preconfigured for easy interconnection. Inverters and panel boards arrive on-site ready for fast installation, with no field wiring or tools required.

  • Zero wiring and no tools required for electrical installation virtually eliminate the potential for human error.
  • Factory-installed electrical connections simplify and speed up installation.

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